Tania records 'A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar' by Suzanne Joinson

This beautifully written book, interweaves two compelling tales:  one, set in 1923, of Evangeline English, who in a bid to escape her  'meaningless' life in England, joins her sister on the treacherous Silk Road missionary trail, armed with her Pashley bicycle and Mrs Ward's 'Bicycling for Ladies'; and the other, a contemporary story of Frieda, a researcher, whose dislocated, wandering life is shaken when she suddenly inherits a flat full of artefacts from an unknown woman, and opens her door to Tayeb, A Yemeni calligrapher, adrift in London. Described by  Paul Torday, bestselling author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen as :

'A haunting, original and beautifully written tale that conveys a sense of profound alienation, and of other realities

'A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar' is released in the UK in July 2012, and the audiobook will be available from August 2012, produced by Whole Story Audiobooks