Tania records a short story for BBC Radio 4's 'Shorts' season 'Namaste!'

Read by Tania Rodrigues Produced by Lizzie Davies and Jill Waters - The Waters Company

Deepti Kapoor is one of three writers commissioned from around the world, to contemplate the subject of 'getting away from it all'.

In 'Namaste'  she "considers the Western tourists who have long headed to Goa for a dose of healing spirituality - and an Indian woman who tries to find a solution to her own troubles by offering the visitors what they seek."

You can listen to it again on iplayer:  HERE


'The Girls who went to War' A Sunday Times Bestseller by Nuala Calvi and Duncan Barrett

Tania was delighted to record Nuala Calvi and Duncan Barrett's new novel - 'The Girls who went to War',The Girls who went to War which tells the true stories of three women who served in the forces in the Second World War.

In telling their stories, Nuala and Duncan also draw for us a detailed and eye-opening picture of women's lives In WW2.

To read more about the extraordinary women who shared their stories, take a look at the 'Girls who went to war' website.

To buy the audiobook, click here

A thrilling, challenging novel: Tania records Raj Kamal Jha's 'She will Build Him A City'

Raj Kamal Jha weaves together a dark and extraordinary magic-realist tale, that looks at Delhi through a harsh yet compelling kaleidoscopic lens. 51wkmfe8FvL._SL150_ Juxtaposing the stories of 'Woman', 'Man' and 'Child' in a provocative, experimental and cinematic style that demands your attention on the page, it was very exciting to translate into audio.

You can hear the result here:  'She will Build Him A City' by Raj Kamal Jha audiobook

Artichoke Hearts longlisted for Carnegie Award

'Artichoke Hearts' has just been longlisted for the Carnegie Award. Sita Bramachari, the author, says this, about the audio recording: Artichoke Hearts is my debut novel and I was overwhelmed when it won the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Award 2011. When I heard that Tania was to record the book, I was delighted. I knew and admired her work from theatre. I have listened to the audio recording with my children and Tania’s beautiful interpretation and ability to get inside so many voices is really wonderful. My book is an emotional one and needs to be treated with great subtlety, not to be tipped over into the sentimental. Tania brings great intelligence into her work that makes it a joy to listen to.