Tania records the award winning 'The Wildings' by Nilanjana Roy

Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Prize (2013), the Shakti Bhatt First Book Award (2013)and the Tata First Book Literary Award (2012), 'The Wildings' by Nilanjana Roy tells of the captivating adventures of a band of feral cats fighting for survival in old Delhi, and their unlikely leader Mara, a tiny cat with extraordinary powers.

The Wildings by Nilanjana Roy read by Tania Rodrigues

“A novel for all seasons and for all ages. Nilanjana Roy has created a savage, dangerous world… a world that seems tangibly real…” ~ Gillian Wright, in India Today

Available to download now: from Audible

Audiobook of 'Slade House' by David Mitchell wins an Audiofile Earphones Award

The audiobook of David Mitchell's chiller 'Slade House' was awarded an Earphones Award and reviewed as 'Not to be Missed' this month by Audiofile, with "amazing performances by top notch narrators Thomas Judd and Tania Rodrigues". Thank you Audiofile!  You can read Audiofile's full review here:

Audiofile review of Slade House by David Mitchell audiobook

Audiofile Earphones Award for Slade HouseOr download the audiobook here:

From Audible

Tania records a short story for BBC Radio 4's 'Shorts' season 'Namaste!'

Read by Tania Rodrigues Produced by Lizzie Davies and Jill Waters - The Waters Company

Deepti Kapoor is one of three writers commissioned from around the world, to contemplate the subject of 'getting away from it all'.

In 'Namaste'  she "considers the Western tourists who have long headed to Goa for a dose of healing spirituality - and an Indian woman who tries to find a solution to her own troubles by offering the visitors what they seek."

You can listen to it again on iplayer:  HERE


'The Girls who went to War' A Sunday Times Bestseller by Nuala Calvi and Duncan Barrett

Tania was delighted to record Nuala Calvi and Duncan Barrett's new novel - 'The Girls who went to War',The Girls who went to War which tells the true stories of three women who served in the forces in the Second World War.

In telling their stories, Nuala and Duncan also draw for us a detailed and eye-opening picture of women's lives In WW2.

To read more about the extraordinary women who shared their stories, take a look at the 'Girls who went to war' website.

To buy the audiobook, click here

A thrilling, challenging novel: Tania records Raj Kamal Jha's 'She will Build Him A City'

Raj Kamal Jha weaves together a dark and extraordinary magic-realist tale, that looks at Delhi through a harsh yet compelling kaleidoscopic lens. 51wkmfe8FvL._SL150_ Juxtaposing the stories of 'Woman', 'Man' and 'Child' in a provocative, experimental and cinematic style that demands your attention on the page, it was very exciting to translate into audio.

You can hear the result here:  'She will Build Him A City' by Raj Kamal Jha audiobook

Adult Child/Dead Child

Seminal 'stand up' theatre piece 'Adult Child/Dead Child' is an extraordinary, funny and moving piece by Claire Dowie. Directed by Colin Watkeys, this is usually a monologue for one solo performer, but Claire and Colin have decided to experiment with sharing the piece between a number of soloists from very different backgrounds, highlighting the 'universal' nature of this show. Tania is delighted to be one of the soloists in 'Claire Dowie's' company, and the show is being performed at various venues over the next few months.The Cast of Adult Child:Dead Child from L-R: Deidre Strath, Ayesha Casely-Hayford, Lola Kotey, Martin Bell, Claire Dowie, Tania Rodrigues and Stephen Oxley

Tania records thrilling fantasy epic 'Empire Trilogy'

Tania was delighted to narrate daughter of the empirethe extraordinary epic story of feisty Ruling Lady, Mara of the Acoma, and her struggle for survival amidst the clash between the intrigues of Tsurani politics, the influence of alien worlds and the machinations of the Magicians, in this wonderful trilogy by Raymond E Feist and Janny Wurts .

Now available from Harper Audio/Audible.

servant of the empiremistress of the empire

Three audiobooks by award winning writer Kamila Shamsie

Tania has just completed recording three books by Kamila Shamsie.salt and saffronwho was selected as one of Orange's 21 Writers of the 21st century.  

'Salt and Saffron', is a beautiful book,a "monument to the complexity of family lore and family scandal--the stories, and silence, which become the stuff of myth and history."--Vicky Lebeau



Her next novel, 'Kartography', received widespread critical acclaim and was shortlisted for the John Llewellyn Rhys award in the UK. It is a love song to Karachi, told through the eyes of Raheen as she tries to understand her relationship with her childhood soul mate Karim.


broken verses

'Broken Verses', tells of Aasmaani's search for her extraordinary political activist mother, whom she refuses to believe is dead,

a search which leads her deeper into an extraordinary personal and political mystery.



All three books are now available to download on Audible.

Tania records 'The Dark Road' by Ma Jian

"The gates of hell aren't somewhere far beneath us. They're right here on earth." In 'The Dark Road', Ma Jian, a political activist, known for his 2001 classic memoir 'Red Dust', takes a stark and uncompromising look at China's one child policy and the harrowing effects it has in the rural parts of China, through the magic-realist tale of the life of peasant woman Meili. Although she already has a daughter, Nannan, her school teacher husband, Kongzi, and a direct descendant of Confucius, is determined to continue his line by producing a male heir. Their struggle to achieve this, watched over all the while by 'the infant spirit' takes them on a harrowing journey into hiding from the authorities and deeper into the darkest, most toxic places of the countryside. Certainly, an important and unforgettable book.

To hear a sample from Whole Story Audiobooks, click here.

dark road

The Good Muslim


Tania has just recorded  'The Good Muslim',  Tahmima Anam's rich sequel to 'The Golden Age' , in which we see Sohail and Maya, transformed by the civil war in Bangladesh, and struggling to pick up their lives again in this epic tale  "about faith, family and the long shadow of war."

Available from Audible now. To hear a sample click here.The Good Muslim