Kicking ass as Captain 492M in Blake's 7 - Shock Troops

It was an absolute delight to play the battle-hardened Captain 492-M in this brand new Blake's 7 audio adventure for Big Finish. A great story line that put women at the heart of the battle.

Shock Troops by Cavan Scott    Part of the Blake's 7 Crossfire Series from Big Finish 

Shock Troops by Cavan Scott  

Part of the Blake's 7 Crossfire Series from Big Finish 

Thanks to Jackie Emery at Blake's 7 online for this great review:

4.6 Shock Troops by Cavan Scott
Starring: Yasmin Bannerman and Paul Darrow
Featuring: Imogen Church (Niner), Tam Williams (Jay) and Tania Rodrigues (Captain)

As the war between the presidents escalates, new recruits are urgently required for the military, and Dayna gains first-hand experience of life as a Federation trooper.

This is an extraordinary story. It’s one that I felt was long overdue, and huge credit goes to Cav Scott for writing it. Shock Troops depicts the human faces beneath the familiar black visors; revealing what it must be like to serve as a Trooper fighting on behalf the Federation. Told mostly from the point of view of Trooper 229-R (‘Niner’), through recorded letters to her father and interactions with fellow Trooper 971-J (‘Jay’), Captain 492-M and Dayna (Trooper 817-A), the story is powerful and moving, but leavened also with the bleak humour that is often found in these situations. I particularly liked that Niner and the Captain were female. Together with Dayna, this story is very much ‘one for the girls’, but it doesn’t feel like a gratuitous choice of gender. Each character is very real, sympathetic and believable, and with Supreme Commander Servalan having been taught by Kasabi, it’s credible that women serve at all ranks in the Federation military. All the performances are fantastic, but special kudos to Imogen Church for making Niner so appealing.
— Jackie Emery - Blake's 7 online